You've planned your project for years. Don't let your dreams be limited by what is available from off-the-shelf cabinets. We offer an alternative between the full custom cabinet and the standard offerings of factory cabinets. Different sizes, different woods and different styles are no big deal for us; we've been building custom cabinet doors for over 20 years. dsc01494_small
Inital CAD layout
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The difference is in the service. With Dix River Cabinets the company that measures and designs the job is the same company that builds the cabinets. The company that builds the cabinets is the same company that installs the product. If something's not right, we've got nobody to point the finger at but ourselves.
Today's computer aided modeling lets us take away the worry of "what will it look like?" We can add details to your design that simulate the lighting ... Match the carpet, floor and wall color ... Even the pattern of your countertop can be added. cad2_small
Shading, Fixture Detail, Wood Color and Countertop added.
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Finished Product Installed
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This attention to detail lets you buy with confidence, knowing that the cabinets you've been dreaming of are the cabinets you're gong to get. Technology helps us show you what to expect but it's good old craftsmanship that creates fine casework that will last for generations.

A quality product, on time, at a fair price.
That's Dix River Cabinets' commitment to you.

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